SASSETA Bursary Recipient

Meet Samkelisiwe Cele, a SASSETA bursary recipient who is a final year LLB student at the University of Zululand.

“The SASSETA bursary has assisted me with funding, it paid for my tuition fees, meals, and book allowance. It has helped me a lot because I did not have any financial back up at home. I wish they continue helping needy students out there”. 

  • What does Youth Day mean to Samkelisiwe?

“Youth day is a holiday dedicated to the youth of South Africa. This day commemorates the Soweto uprising of 16 June 1976. The youth of 1976 fought for an education system which today allow us to make our own career choices and study wherever we want to, we should use this day fight injustices to empower each other. We should push government to make available programs which will help unemployed graduates get and create jobs – instead of roaming around the streets doing nothing, South African youth will then be able to contribute positively to society, thus eliminating hunger, poverty and crime.

It is the role of both society and government to establish programs which will help unearth talents in rural communities in other for the youth to be positive contributors in society. My SASSETA bursary has enabled me to become a contributing citizen. Thank you SASSETA!