Skills development facilitators

A Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) refers to someone nominated by the organisation to serve as a liaison between the SETA and the company. They will be known as the person of contact on the SASSETA database. As a result, the will get access to our online portal that will assist them in monitoring grant submissions and levies.

To download the Skills Development Facilitator application form Click here.

Functions and roles of a Skills Development Facilitator:

  • To help the employer and employees develop a Workplace Skills Plan in line with SETA requirements.
  • To submit the Workplace Skills Plan to the relevant SETA.
  • To advise the employer how best to implement their Workplace Skills Plan.
  • To assist the employer in drafting an Annual Training Report that covers the implementation of the Workplace Skills Plan.
  • To advise the employer on the SETA’s quality assurance requirements.
  • To act as a contact person between the employer and their SETA.
  • To serve as a resource in aspects of positive skills development.
  • To communicate all SETA initiatives, grants and benefits to the employer.
  • To communicate with branch offices as well as all employees about events and grants being offered by the SETA.

Important conditions to note:

  • It is up to the employer to provide the Skills Development Facilitator with the resources, facilities and training required in order to perform the functions outlined above.
  • SDFs receive invitations to SASSETA events, information about SASSETA, grant reminders, quarterly newsletters and monthly electronic newsletters. Failure to pass on or act on this information may result in financial loss to your organisation. The same may be said for relaying incorrect information to other person/you’re your organisation.
  • Some SDFs working in a private SDF company or externally to the organisation they represent may represent a number of employers. As a result, they will have an even greater obligation to ensure that these employers property utilise all SASSETA benefits.
  • SDFs that do not perform their duties must be held accountable by their employers.
  • SASSETA will not assist employers in claiming compensation or leniency for grant deadlines missed or information not passed on by their respective SDF.
  • SDFs who have not furnished SASSETA with email addresses and other contact details are missing out on crucial information and invitations that are sent to employers.

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