The workplace can teach a wealth of skills that just aren’t found in textbooks. It’s why we facilitate the placement and accreditation of Learnership programmes that provide the necessary skills and knowledge relevant for today’s Safety and Security sector. Learnerships also provide the perfect opportunity for employers to upskill their workforce and find fresh talent that makes a tangible impact on their businesses.

In line with the Skills Development Act, a Learnership can be defined as:

  • A programme that consists of a structured learning component.
  • It must include practical work experience that relates to an occupation.
  • It should be governed by a contractual agreement between the learner, employer and training provider.
  • It should lead to a qualification that is registered on the National Qualifications Framework for a minimum of 120 credits.

Workplace Accreditation

Workplace accreditation is a requirement for all employers that wish to register learners on SASSETA learnerships. This accreditation verifies the ability of the workplace to host a specific learnership.

The criteria for accreditation include the following:

  • Access to resources related to the learnership.
  • How relevant the work experience component is to the qualification.
  • The structures in place to ensure successful implementation and completion of the learnership.

Learnership Agreement Registration Procedures

  1. Employers Registered with SASSETA wishing to implement a SASSETA Learnership:
  1. 1. Apply for accreditation as an accredited workplace training provider with the professional body or AQP responsible for the learnership, or with SASSETA (as applicable)
  2. 2. Register the learner with the relevant professional body and/or training provider
  3. 3. Sign an employment contract with the learner
  4. 4. Sign a Learnership Agreement with the learner
  5. 5. Submit the Learnership Agreement to SASSETA together with the following:
    • Proof of learner registration with the professional body or AQP, if applicable
    • Employer accreditation status with professional body or AQP (copy of letter/certificate), if applicable
    • Copy of the learner’s employment contract
    • Certified copy of the learner’s ID document

The Learnership Agreement and other supplementary documentation can be accessed under the Downloads section of the website.

Please Note:

  1. Learnership regulations require the Seta to decide if it will register the agreement within 7 days of receipt.
  2. Learnership regulations require the SETA to register the learnership agreement within 21 days of that decision.
  3. If the agreement has any outstanding information, the learnership agreement will be returned to the employer, accompanied by a letter indicating reasons for non-registration. The employer may resubmit the learnership agreement, together with all required documentation
  4. If all the required documents are attached, SASSETA will issue the employer with a Confirmation letter. The Confirmation letter may be used to claim the SARS income tax deduction.
  1. Employers Registered with SASSETA wishing to implement a Learnership from another Seta
  1. Contact the SETA to which the learnership belongs to ascertain if the employer fulfils all the requirements to implement the learnership.
  2. Complete the SASSETA learnership agreement and submit it to SASSETA
  3. SASSETA will register the Learnership Agreement and issue the employer with a confirmation letter.
  1. Employers not Registered with SASSETA wishing to implement a SASSETA Learnership
  1. The employer contacts the relevant professional body / AQP / SASSETA to become an accredited workplace provider.
  2. Once accredited, the employer completes their SETA’s learnership agreement.
  3. The employer submits the learnership agreement to their SETA.
  4. The Learnership Agreement will be registered by the other SETA.