Inter-seta transfer (IST)

This is the process of transferring a company from one SETA to another. Such a transfer may be done under any of the following circumstances:

  • If the company has been incorrectly registered and the main business activity is not aligned with the industrial scope of the SETA.
  • If the main business of the company has changed since its previous registration with SARS, which now allows it to better suit the industrial scope of a different SETA.
  • If the employer falls within the jurisdiction of more than one SETA and the employer’s application to transfer to a new SETA is motivated by:
    • Workforce composition
    • Remuneration amounts paid or payable to different employee categories
    • Training requirements of different employee categories

How to transfer from another SETA to SASSETA:

  • An IST 01 form must be submitted to their current SETA.

How to transfer from SASSETA to another SETA:

  • The IST 01 form must be submitted to SASSETA.
  • The new SETA must approve the application and forward the signed application to the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).
  • DHET will then verify the request and submit the form to the South African Revenue Services (SARS) who will process the change.

Important conditions to note:

  • Please note that this process can sometimes prove to be time-consuming.
  • If the application is declined by the relevant SETA, an organisation can dispute this with the SETA in question.
  • Should the transfer remain delayed, it can be escalated to DHET.
  • Although the new SETA will facilitate this process, it cannot be held responsible for delayed changes and associated inconveniences.
  • Each organisation bears the responsibility to ensure their registration with the correct SETA and to monitor the process, ensuring that it is completed.