Verification & certification

Training Providers require verification in order to confirm the assessment decisions made by SASSETA-accredited providers. Verification and certification further credibility within the training space. This is advised for providers who wish to offer effective and respected skills development programmes.

Verification and certification processes involve the following:

  • An adherence to the assessment principles of the National Qualifications Framework, namely fairness, validity, reliability and practicability
  • An assessment and moderation quality management system
  • The correct methodology, instruments and assessment processes
  • An applicable internal moderation processes, methodology, instruments and reports
  • A sample of completed assessments
  • Efficient assessment decisions

Most of the qualifications that fall within our scope of quality assurance responsibility are subject to summative assessments. These are performed by relevant professional bodies. The verification of assessment for other qualifications, skills programmes and unit standards is conducted on-site at the accredited provider. This is usually performed once a year and is performance dependent.

The issuing of certificates

SASSETA issues certificates for the achievement of qualifications and learnerships as well as a statement of results for skills programmes and unit standards. Such statements and certificates are only issued following successful verification and data reporting in line with our prescribed format.

For more on our Verification and Certification processes, please contact our Call Centre on (011) 087 5555.