Workplace accreditation

This accreditation type applies to workplaces that wish to register learners on SASSETA learnerships. It aims to verify the ability of the workplace to host a specific learnership. Through this, higher credibility can be established for Training Providers and their respective workplaces.

Criteria for accreditation includes:

  • Access to resources related to the learnership.
  • Relevance of the work experience component is to the qualification.
  • The presence of structures that ensure successful implementation and completion of the learnership.

For most SASSETA-offered learnerships, there are agreements in place with professional bodies and Assessment Quality Partners (AQPs). This makes these entities responsible for workplace accreditations. For more details on this, please refer to the table found below.
SASSETA Learnerships

No Title NQF Level Learnership Code SAQA ID No
1 National Certificate: Corrections Science 4   24197
2 FET Certificate: Electronic Security Installation Practices 4   58697
3 National Certificate: Family Law 5   50265
4 National Certificate: Forensic Science 5   57561
5 National Certificate: General Security Practices 3   58577
6 National Certificate: Law Enforcement: Sheriffing 5   49336
7 National Certificate: Attorneys Practice ?   48920
8 National Diploma: Legal Interpreting 5   50023
9 National Certificate: Multi-national Safety and Security Operations Management 5   49336
10 National Certificate: Paralegal Practice 5   49597
11 National Diploma: Joint and Multi-National Operations ?   49783
12 National Certificate: Air-conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation 2   20496
13 National Certificate: Policing 5   20496
14 National Certificate: Resolving of Crime 5   59989