Our functions

At SASSETA, we strive to change the lives of many through effective skills development. We are proud to achieve this through the following functions:

  • The facilitation of strategic human resource development planning within the safety and security sector.
  • Our proposal of education and training standards and qualifications to bodies registered with SAQA.
  • Upholding our responsibility for developing education and training standards as well as the monitoring and auditing of those standards and qualifications.
  • By accrediting providers, assessors and moderators of education and training.
  • We analyse and prioritise education and training needs within this sector in order to drive skills development strategies that meet our objectives.
  • We champion enhanced access to learning that includes the likes of career paths, progression pathways, NQF qualifications and Learnerships that make a real difference.
  • The effective management and administration of all learnerships and levy disbursements within SASSETA.
  • By promoting a culture of learning that encourages active employer and training provider participation in our strategies and activities.
  • To promote and market SASSETA through regular communication with all stakeholders and potential stakeholders.
  • To perform any other function required by SAQA in terms of SASSETA’s registration, the Skills Development Act or any other applicable law.

SASSETA’s role in accordance with the Skills Development Act

Alongside the framework stipulated by the Skills Development Act, we aim to operate even more efficiently in a way that delivers on our mandate. This means that we remain dedicated to the following areas:

  • To develop a sector skills plan within aligned with the skills development strategy for SASSETA – This plan will be implemented by approving and monitoring skills plans in the workplace, establishing learnerships, allocating necessary grants and monitoring training and education within our sector.
  • To promote learnerships by identifying workplaces where learners can gain practical work experience – We believe in improving and supporting learning through the proper management and development of learning methodologies and materials. Through the proper registration and monitoring of learnership agreements, we can empower people with the skills that they need to change their lives.
  • To liaise with the National Skills Authority as well as other SETAs on a range of important issues – This includes the likes of national skills strategy, skills development policy and its own sector skills plan. Through this, we can play an active role in driving the quality of skills development in South Africa.
  • To report to the Director-General of Labour on the implementation of its sector skills plan, its income and expenditure – Through this, we can help ensure that more learners get access to the vital skills that drive career growth and uplift communities.
  • To work alongside the employment services of the Department of Labour and education councils and other regulatory bodies in terms of the education laws of South Africa – Our relationships with these entities enable us to improve the standard of communication about employment opportunities between education providers and the labour market.
  • To facilitate the involvement of governmental departments in the activities of SASSETA – Through active collaboration with such departments, we can address the competency requirements for social delivery as well as the learning needs of those within the sector who are most vulnerable. We also promote training in SMEs so that they may qualify for public contracts. This includes all other duties imposed by the Act or functions that allow us to fulfil SASSETA objectives.