The Constitution of SASSETA
The SASSETA Constitution provides an institutional framework to the organisation for the development and implementation of national, sectoral and workplace strategies that improve the skills of the South African work force.

Minimising Conflicts of Interest

SASSETA requires all staff members to disclose their financial interests on an annual basis. To minimise the risk of conflicts of interest with stakeholders across the board, a declaration of interest form is circulated to members of committees before the commencement of the meetings, and employees declare any interest they might have in relation to transactions entered into with service providers. SASSETA’s Supply Chain Management and Risk Management and Human Resource policies outline the process to be followed where a conflict of interest has been identified. There were no identified cases of conflict of interest during the year under review.

Code of Conduct

SASSETA’s Code of Conduct Policy ensures that the business of the SETA is conducted in the interests of SASSETA, and conforms with the Constitution of SASSETA as well as with the legislation and regulations governing the SETA’s activities and business practices. The code of conduct is applicable to all employees.

Social Responsibility

SASSETA acknowledges that good governance and solid stakeholder relations create internal and external value. During the year under review, SASSETA strengthened this value through vastly promoting corporate governance, enhancing relationships with key stakeholders and implementing applications to promote a coherent culture within the organisation. The SETA continuously strives for the highest ethical standards so that our corporate reputation as a leader in the safety and security industry can flourish.


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