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Success stories from SASSETA bursary recipients 


The current economic challenges and the high number of students from poor background or working-class families is putting a strain in the current government funding model and leads to exclusion of some of these leaners in universities and technical and vocational education and training (TVET) colleges.

SASSETA bursary scheme is aimed at increasing the availability of skilled human capital directly related to the safety and security sector activities as well as bridging the gap between learners who don’t qualify for financial aid assistance due to the fact that they come from working class households who at the same time can’t afford tertiary education.

The bursary provides cover for the following expenses: registration fees, tuition fees, books, meals, and accommodation.

Mr Zukisa Hola, one of the SASSETA bursary recipients who is currently studying towards a master’s degree in Psychology at the University of Fort Hare narrates how the bursary has helped lift the financial burden on his shoulders, as a result Zukisa can now concentrate on his studies without worrying about the financial aspect of his education.

“I heard about SASSETA bursary from my supervisor, Professor Jabulani Kheswa and subsequently applied. The bursary covers my tuition and grants me an opportunity to focus on my studies without financial stress. It will also serve as a motivation to work hard and push me to complete my studies in record time in order to make an impact in society” says Mr Hola.

The bursary did not only give Zukisa access to higher education but also helped improve his confidence in his studies. “The bursary has assisted me to have confidence in my studies and ensured that I gain access to an institution of higher learning which is now difficult given the economic crisis exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic” he says.

“I thank SASSETA for the opportunity and am proud to be a SASSETA bursary recipient”. 

At least 80 % of the SASSETA bursary funding goes to applicants studying in terms of SASSETA scarce and critical skills or the national list of occupations in high demand while 20% of the target is meant for applications falling outside the priority areas, Psychology falls within the priority areas and is a vital skill in the Safety and Security sector.