Open up the economy for equal participation! 

By Nsuku Machebele

Celebrating Women’s Day reminds us of our skills, hardships, sacrifices, and unity within our communities and workspaces.

As we celebrate the selfless efforts of women who marched against the extension of pass laws to women on 09 August 1956, let us carry with us their courage and help fix the rot in our communities. Women’s rights violations remain a thorn that needs to be dealt with vigorously. We cannot fold our arms and watch our country sink.

GBV has reached alarming levels and needs to be tackled head-on. We need to start educating and empowering communities by means of GBV awareness training programmes and equipping them with the knowledge to protect themselves and their children.

The economic emancipation of women is key to the eradication of GBV and femicide. The creation of jobs for unemployed youth, particularly women, will reduce the vulnerability caused by poverty. Women should be prioritised for employment opportunities.

Both the government and the private sector have an important role to play in ensuring the representation of women in leadership positions as well as equal opportunities and equal pay. Over the years, we have seen strives to improve women’s contribution to the economy of our country. However, these efforts need to be accelerated.

Ms. Machobane advocates for love, unity, and strength among women in order to fight the scourge of GBV and other challenges facing women in the country. “Women’s month is about our strength and ability to juggle task after task, to be proud, to be mothers, managers in our households and within organisations; we need to be proud women whilst giving unconditional love to all,” she says.

Lydia Machobane – Manager: ETQA