Welcome to SASSETA!

Meet Vutivi Manganyi, the newly appointed Supply Chain Specialist.

Vutivi Manganyi is the newly appointed Supply Chain Specialist. Ms Manganyi has a Btech in Logistics and previously worked for USAASA (Universal Access and Agencies of South Africa).

She brings into SASSETA a wide range of skills ranging from procurement, demand and acquisition among others. Determined to use her experience and expertise to add value to SASSETA, her dedication and commitment will play a vital role in achieving the organisation’s objectives.

With a positive attitude that allows her to accommodate and understand people, Vutivi makes a great team player and will surely add value in the Supply Chain Management department. “I am an all-round team player who is passionate, committed and recognizes the need for individual brilliance, I strive for excellence and is always eager to learn, she says”.

Confident in her abilities, she further commits to add value in the organization by ensuring that there’s stability in the SCM department by closing off any outstanding procurement issues including open RFQ’s and RFP’s, thus ensuring a smooth flow of the procurement process in order to fulfil the organizational needs.

On a personal level, Vutivi is a person who is full of confidence, a respectful communicator who can maintain relationships with different stakeholders, self-disciplined and a hard worker who always yean for positive results. She is a motivated head starter who pays attention to detail and deadline driven.

We wish her all the best in her new appointment.