Seven hints to help you “spring into wellness” and the activities of summer.

 Wake up early to exercise

The mornings are warming up, and spring means the sun rises earlier each day. So, take good advantage of this change, get out and exercise before starting your day, whether it’s going for a run or walking the dog, exercising before work can begin your day on a high note with clarity and energy. 

Update your workout attire

Proper footwear can help support an active lifestyle by providing important support for your joints. In addition, new lightweight clothing can help you manage heat and perspiration to optimise comfort when exercising. Be sure you’re properly equipped before starting a new workout routine.

Revitalize your daily fruits and vegetable.

Spring is a great season to add new fruits and vegetables to your diet. These are among those that are in season during the spring: cherries, raspberries, nectarines, plums, and rhubarb; artichokes, cucumbers, peas, peppers, squash and tomatoes.

Say “yes” to a healthy breakfast.

It’s a solid foundation and great start for any day. Make sure to partner a morning exercise routine with a healthy breakfast. You’ll need energy to make the most of your fitness regimen. Instead of coffee and a quick breakfast sandwich, how about a glass of OJ and a grapefruit?

Water with a squeeze of lemon.

How often do you drink the recommended 64 ounces of water each day?. For your body to perform at a high level, it’s essential to stay hydrated. A glass of water can also be a good appetite suppressant and can help maintain a healthy weight. Try a squeeze of lemon in your water to add a bit of zest.

Proper sleeping habits help maintain a healthy weight.

Strive to sleep 6-8 hours each night. Also, staying up late has been shown to increase the likelihood of overeating, achieving proper rest will help reduce the opportunity to make bad diet decisions while preparing you for the demands of the next day.

Schedule screenings and doctor’s appointments.

Spring is a good time for a health tune-up. For example, before starting an exercise routine, it’s always recommended to check with your primary care physician if there are there any allergy medications that need to be refilled before heading outside? When the weather turns warm and the blossoms start coming out, it’s our signal to get ahead of the game for making each summer fun and rewarding. Many of the activities above can be done with friends, family and colleagues for mutual reinforcement, it’s not too early to start acquainting kids with some of these habits for a lifetime of healthy living.

Have a healthy and happy spring!