Celebrate Women, Celebrate Progress

Sister Khumalo: ICT Support and Operations Officer

My perspective on Women’s Month is that the mandate of empowering women has progressively improved over the years.

Women are now educated, employable, and holding high positions, even in male-dominated industries. It shows women are breaking boundaries.

To all women, always remember that your dreams know no limits. Your potential is limitless, and your journey is filled with endless opportunities. Keep believing in yourself, pushing your boundaries, and reaching for the stars.

The world is a better place because of your contributions, and your strength knows no bounds. This month must be a reminder that you have the power to achieve greatness in every aspect of your life. Keep shining, keep striving, and keep being amazing.

Here’s to the remarkable women who have faced storms with grace and emerged even stronger. Your resilience is an inspiration to us all.

I have changed the way that I look at change. And I’m grateful to be a woman.