Our goals and objectives

At SASSETA, we follow the National Treasury’s planning and budgeting frameworks and guidelines as well as the Government’s Medium Terms Strategic Framework (MTSF).

2015/16 – 2019/20 Strategic Focus

During this period, we are committed to our strategic goals that aim to address challenges and key skills issues. These goals represent specific areas within the safety and security sector and refine the objectives and actions that guide SASSETA objectives and operations:

Strategic Outcome-Oriented Goals

Strategic Outcome-Oriented
Provide strategic leadership, technical and administrative support services within the organisation
Goal statement Establish good governance and strategic partnerships to enhance skills development provision within the safety and security sector
Strategic objectives 1.1   Strengthen collaboration with stakeholders to enhance capacity to develop skills within the sector

1.2   Improve business processes to promote good governance and an ethical environment

Strategic Outcome-Oriented
Establishing a credible institutional mechanism for skills planning.
Goal statement Strengthening and institutionalising mechanisms for skills planning, monitoring, evaluation & research for the safety and security sector
Strategic objectives 2.1 Strengthen institutional mechanisms for skills planning.

2.2 Improve the quality of research output and impact assessment studies

2.3 Strengthen the monitoring and evaluation processes  to enhance integrity of performance information

Strategic Outcome-Oriented
Reduce the scarce and critical skills gap in the safety and security sector through the provisioning of quality learning programmes.
Goal statement Promote a ‘capable and skilled’ workforce in the safety and security sector through implementation of learning programmes.
Strategic objectives 3.1 Increase the skills of the safety and security sector workforce by providing occupationally directed learning programmesthat contribute to the transformation and professionalisation of the sector

3.2 Increase the skills of unemployed persons by providing occupationally directed learning programmes that are NQF aligned and workplace experience that will improve their employability

3.3 Increase the throughput of qualified Artisans

Strategic Outcome-Oriented
Build quality skills development capacity ensuring realignment of occupational qualifications
Goal statement Strengthening skills development capacity by ensuring development and realignment of occupational qualifications within the sector.
Strategic objectives 4.1 Increase access to occupational qualifications in the safety and security sector