A Message of Strength and Intelligence to All Women!

Nonkululeko Shabalala: ETQA Administrator

Women’s Month is about celebrating how far we have come and understanding how far we still need to go towards gender equality. It is more about celebrating the women who fought for freedom and human rights. I believe that this plays a big role in empowering each other, especially the youth, and making men recognise our contribution to society.

While celebrating women’s month, let us never forget the boy child. As the saying goes, ‘’lugotshwa lusemanzi’’ meaning, (teach them while they are in the juvenile stage). It is important for a boy child to grow up understanding that girls have the same rights as boys; this may include what some see as ’not important, such as doing house chores, and the importance of gender equality, which will help them to become better men tomorrow in the work industry and in society at large.

I feel like, as women, we have forgotten how far we have come. At some point, we had no voice and lived in the shadow of men. Now that we have a voice, we see each other as competition, and we criticise and look down on each other. Well, of course we have done great for ourselves and have become independent and inspiring leaders in some spaces.

To all women, always remember that you are beautiful, powerful, strong, and intelligent. Keep your head high, a lot of great things await you ahead.