Corporate services

The Corporate Services vision for SASSETA is to enable its expansion of national offices throughout the country and to increase its visibility to rural areas where the majority of unemployed persons are most in need of the learning programmes, internships and bursaries. It provides integrated corporate support to SASSETA‘s efforts to achieve its vision through:

Human Resources Management

Ensures optimum and efficient utilisation and development of Human Capital and provides and advisory service on matters pertaining to organisational efficacy and development, individual performance management, sound employee relations, employee health and wellness. Also responsible for effective and efficient recruitment, selection and placement services that includes research and development of human resource policies and practices.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Provides ICT needs and requirements for SASSETA. It is dedicated to the improvement of its Information Management systems that focus on the technological improvements that will enable future sustainability in terms of market sector growth, programme rollout and internal processes, which, in turn, will create capacity for SASSETA to cope with its future expansion.

Marketing and Communications

Disseminates and improves access to information about SASSETA to its diverse audience sectors. See more