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Urgent Request for Proposals


Accredited Training Providers are invited to submit applications for Implementation of the following learning programs as part of SASSETA’s Second Discretionary Grant Funding Window for 2013/2014. These learning programs must be implemented by the end of February 2014 and providers must be ready to implement training by then.

Name of learning program Identity Number of qualification /unit standards Number and Type of learners (Employed/Unemployed learners) Who may apply
General Security Practices Learnership (to be run in partnership with Gauteng Department of Education Qualification 58577 Unemployed –1000 learners Accredited Training Providers
Motor Vehicle Driving licence Skills program which will help the learner obtain a South African Drivers Licence

Unit Standards:

243665; 243666 & 123257

Employed – 1000 learners Accredited Training providers
General Security Practices Learnership for the class of 2013 Qualification 58577 Unemployed - 150 learners

Learners who completed grade 12 in 2013 and

Accredited Training providers

General Security Practices Skills program 1 and 2 for the Western Cape Area

Skills Program 1:

246694; 246694; 244184; 244176; 244179; 244181; 244182; 12484; 116534

Skills Program 2:

244189; 242825; 11505; 117705; 113924; 119465; 114979

Unemployed – 1000 learners

Unemployed youth in and around the Western Cape Province seeking a career in Private Security

Accredited Training Providers

Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) Qualification 71751 Employed learners from Defence and the private Security Industry. - 300 Accredited Training Providers

It is compulsory that the Application be accompanied by all supporting documents inclusive of but not limited to:

  • Original Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Proof of Registration of Applicant
  • Proof of accreditation of Applicant

A complete project plan including all phases with its implementation must be submitted for SASSETA’s consideration and evaluation. Please download the relevant application forms as found below:

All applications must reach SASSETA on or before the 7 February 2014 at 16H00.

Applications should be placed in an envelope and marked as follows:

  • 01/2014 DG
  • The envelope should specify the name of the LEARNING PROGRAM under which the application is being made.

It is compulsory that all applicants submit one application form per project applied for.

Applications can either be hand delivered to SASSETA, Riverview Office Park, Janadel Avenue (off Bekker Road) Halfway Gardens, Midrand or posted to SASSETA: PO Box 7612, Halfway House, 1685

Prospective Applicants are invited to approach SASSETA for assistance in completing the application forms and should contact the SASSETA call centre on 086110 2477 or email your query to

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