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TENDER: Appointment for Qualification Development Facilitators - RFP/SASSETA/1718204

would like to request suitably qualified and experienced service provider(s) to submit proposals: Appointment of Qualification Development Facilitators to Re-align x8 Qualifications

Please click on the links below to download the relevant documents

Tender Notification

RFP Qualification Development Facilitators Description

08 Qualifications to be developed by SASSETA

SBD 6.1 in terms of PPR 2017

SCM-Bid documents SBD 1

SCM-Bid documents SBD 3.3

SCM-Bid documents SBD 4

SCM-Bid documents SBD 8

SCM-Bid documents SBD 9

Detailed terms of reference are available on the SASSETA website ( Bids will be evaluated in terms of the Preferential Procurement Regulations, 2017 pertaining to the PPPF Act no 5 of 2000 and the SASSETA Supply Chain Management Policy. SASSETA reserves the right to not accept any of the bids submitted and is not bound to accept the lowest bid.

Detailed information is available in the individual bid documentation.

All queries should be sent to SASSETA Tenders, at the following email address or call the SASSETA Call Centre on 011 087 5555.

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